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Last Updated on 5th October 2020

June - 2020

Car Lounge 5 Motors

Car lounge 5 Motors, is Hyderabad’s leading Pre-Owned high end luxury automotive dealer, with over 15 years in business required a new look to the entire brand and wanted to create an online presence in the market to drive sales online as well as for walk in customers. 


A simple logo that is easier to remember and portrays what the brand offers.

Website Design & Photography

A well-designed and easy to use website with the option of booking a car through the website.

October - 2019

Hindustan Travel and Tours

Hindustan Travel And Tours founded in 2019 a startup with an aim to personalize traveling and touring experience and bringing the experience of being connected to a ‘Human Being’ rather than the automated process which has little to no human connection.


A logo depicting what the client is offering as a homage to the country.

Website Design & Dev

Designing an easy to use website for the targeted audience.

August - 2020

Law Wale

Law Wale is a new entry in the Indian market in the industry for law & business consultation and registration process carried out online.

A totally new brand we worked on with no prior brand in our segment which has the following services.


We’ve kept things awfully simple and easy for people to read and get a hunch on the type of services which are being provided by the client.

Website Design & Dev

A challenging website where we had to design the entire UI/UX as well as come up with a way to take the customer’s information.

August - 2019

Pietza Pizza (India | U.A.E)

Pietza Pizza is South India’s fastest growing Brick Fired Oven Pizzeria, with USP’s being highly affordable and sauces organically made without the use of high grade organic produce. 
We’ve successfully carried out their interior branding, Website designing, packaging design & Marketing.

Packaging Design

An Attractive packaging design with Social media redirection link as well as ordering details to make it easier for the customers to reorder again!

Marketing & Website

We had to concentrate on the communication design for the marketing material we were sending out on social media.

August - 2020

FMJ Properties

FMJ Properties is South India’s leading real estate developer and has been in the industry for the past 15 years. The clients wanted to display their Legacy being Builders & Developers as well as real estate investors and property listers.


The color Blue ignites the sense of trust and belief psychologically, exactly what they wanted to portray the brand as and induce trust when they see the logo.

Website Design & Dev

A Fully functional website where the targeted audience would get the information required to move forward with investing in FMJ’s properties.

September - 2020 is an educational platform for the less privileged who don’t get equal opportunity in the industry due to educational qualifications.

In an attempt to make skill-based education free and accessible for everyone who is cannot pay to learn for these courses. 

UI/UX Ideology

The UI/UX Ideology we’ve consulted for the brand is to make it as simple as possible for parents as well as students to browse through with ease without any tech knowledge.

Website Design & Dev

A Fully functional website with options to be multi tutor website and course certificate generation and eligibility tests conducted along with the courses the users opt for.

June - 2020

Alaadins is an E-commerce platform that delivers everyday essentials to Locally in Hyderabad. 

This project was initiated and completed during the ‘Pandemic Lockdown’ which went on for 90 Days and keeping in mind the safety of the employees and the receiver of the packages, it’s been an uphill ride for the brand from the day it was launched as the User Experience was kept simple and easy to use for the users.


We’ve kept the logo simple and easy to remember, as the targeted audience of the age group – 18 – 60 years.

Website Design & Dev

A simple and clean UI/UX design to convert the audience into a sale and avoid being distracted through out their journey on the website.

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