Surreal Co. International

The Story of Surreal Co.

Founded by Rafay, Saadat & Muzzammil in 2018.

Surreal Co. is a dedicated team of Graphic designers, Marketing consultants & Brand building artists. We're based in Hyderabad, India.

Meet the founders


The Idea that grew over a long dinner and a discussion about cliché strategies used by Orthodox "Creative Agencies"!

Syed Abdul Rafay, Muzzammil Syed & Saadat Ali the three musketeers who started their career in social media marketing & graphic designing at the young age of 16, and landed their first job at the age of 18, with over 6 years of experience and a shared sense of optimism when it comes to designing & marketing strategies. With having expertise in every services Surreal Co. provides.

Syed Abdul Rafay
Founder & Creative Director

The cerebrum of the company!

Syed Abdul Rafay is an expert in brand building who through sheer will and hard work has managed to build the company of his dreams against all odds! Being a jack of all trades, Rafay has set the bar for us all as an example of what having a dream can help us accomplish in life. He loves to be a complete control freak and feels compelled to honor deadlines as he believes in providing the best service possible to his clients.

Saadat Ali
Co-Founder & Managing Director

The man behind the discipline of the company!

Saadat Ali had a huge working hand in shaping up the ethics of Surreal co. Having skills in multiple disciplines of both the scientific and artistic realm, he has shaped the organization like a fine marble sculpture. Having great visions of creating something from scratch that eventually winds up assisting somebody, he has involved himself in the company's inner workings such as its Design, Finances, Presentation, and Work ethic to help see its potential realized. Saadat Ali believes in the concept of maintaining a balanced life as practicing this discipline helps us live a life of substance and content which eventually leads to enlightenment.

Muzzammil Syed
Co-Founder & Design Director

The positive attitude behind the company!

Muzzammil Syed is a creative genius who has helped the company grow with his infectious positive vibe and artistic contributions. He is the most experienced member of the team whose expertise in graphic design knows no bounds, having a keen eye for design simplicity and efficient artistic expression he has provided meaning and zest towards the company. Muzzammil believes in the simple offerings of life where simplicity keeps life away from its complexities and woes.

Nadiah Anees
Branding Consultant

The most talented Branding Visionary Surreal Co. has ever witnessed, from building top brands to coming up with ideologies to support the brand decisions. She loves writing and making art in her free time and occasionally motivates the team members with her wordplay. She's been in constant support, of the founders and co-create with brainstorming during branding briefing meetups.

Abdul Wahab
Head Creative UI/UX Designer

An Engineer by profession and an Amazing problem solver by choice who loves solving complex situations and understanding what the target audience prefers. Loves making the perfect cocktail of Creative Design with practicality induced solutions. He has never failed to amaze all of Surreal Co.'s Clients with over the top designs that don't scream complication and yet are so simple and clean.

Saud Mohammed
Business Development Manager

Like they Said in the popular American Sitcom 'The Office' - Sales is what drives the company and keeps it afloat, Saud is an excellent Business Development manager and educates entrepreneurs on taking their business online and how it will benefit their business in the long run, a tiring job which requires a lot of patience.

Wajahat Muddabbir
Marketing Consultant

Wajahat has been consulting our clients and us on how we should proceed with the market launch of a brand along with the marketing ideology that the client needs to follow through out the journey of the brand.

Wajahat loves Steve Jobs and Bill gates, he also loves to sleep alone with Netflix in the background to filter out the lonely silence he has around his house.

Abdul Rahman
Cloud Architect & App Developer

Probably one of the most technical personnel we have at office who takes care of our app development and cloud related services. He was the one who educated us on providing more value to our clients by opting for cloud services rather than depending on Server oriented services provided by third party companies who don't take responsibility for the loss of data.

Sri Sai Abhiram
Jr. Graphic Designer

Our newest addition to the team who believes in designing simplistic yet informational to deliver the message that we're trying to communicate to the audience.

Abhiram loves going on long rides on his motorcycle and loves finding inspiration in the smallest of things to keep him moving and creative in the field of graphic designing.

Zohair Munawer
Head of Operations

Zohair started his career in Marketing as a content writer and later on became the head of operations at Surreal Co. International and now operates from Canada, and brings in clients through his extensive network based in Hyderabad & Toronto.

Zohair loves being silent and loves finding new ways to consult his entrepreneur friends on where they're going wrong with their branding and marketing.

Musaib Kashif
Business Development Head

Loves what he does, from having 2 hour-long calls with our clients to consulting them on how they can leverage their audience into taking an interest in their business by the new digital era.

He also loves going on bike rides and finding new scenic locations located around the city.

Our Team:

The one's who were kind enough to lend a hand to our optimistic goals!

Surreal Co. is nothing without the dedication of our Team members, Most of us are young, energetic & Always looking for better & innovative ways of designing, branding & Marketing our client's company, who are looking to cater to the young & OG's of Earth.

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